Founder & Executive Chairman


Adam’s passion for agriculture started when he was young as he often visited and worked on a cotton farm and sheep station near Narrabri in North West NSW. Feeling much more at home in the country Adam has lived in rural Northern NSW for the past 15 years . Observing the carve up of larger lots of land in northern NSW Adam’s concern about how we can feed a growing population with less land captured his curiosity.  Inspired by lessons learned living in the country and from both his grandfathers (one a keen tomato grower and the other who liked to enter leek competitions) Adam was looking for better ways to produce food. Having gained knowledge about the inputs, labour costs, pesticides and weather risks associated with broad acre farming he was keen to explore alternative production methods.

Adam co-founded Green Camel in 2010 with the objectives to disrupt conventional growing methods. Adam brings skills developed from his entrepreneurial background in property development and marketing to help carry out the vision of the company. Adam has successfully led several companies with teams ranging from 3 people to 150 and worked with corporate companies such as Shell, Volvo and Australia Venture Capital.