Alvin has over 20 years’ experience within the Consumer Goods and Retail industries gained across multiple countries including Australia, NZ, UK, India and China. He has held senior executive roles with large corporations such as Woolworths Ltd, Arnott’s/Campbell’s and Pacific Dunlop Ltd.

Currently, Alvin is the CEO of Flowerscorp Ltd which operates a portfolio of floral and gifting brands including Roses Only. Alvin joined Flowerscorp Ltd as a start-up and led the company to become the Australian market leader in delivered flowers. During his time at Woolworths Ltd, Alvin realised that the main inhibitor to mass consumption of organic or chemical free produce lay on the supply side. Naturally, he saw the potential of Green Camel to remove this supply bottleneck as a game changer. Alvin holds a Bachelor of Economics (USYD), Diploma Asian Economics (UNSW), CPA (Australia) and MBA (MGSM).