Chief Scientific Officer


Chitra Adhinarayanan, Chief Scientific Officer at Green Camel is an accomplished Soil Scientist with emphasis on soil fertility. She has academic and industry experience in the field of sustainable agricultural production. Agronomic value of organic fertilisers, nutrient cycling and the impact of synthetic agricultural inputs to soil biology are some of her core areas of research involvement. Her passion is in actively researching for alternate solutions to manage increased food production while mitigating environmental pollution. Her approach is to adopt a whole-of-system integration in soil biology. Chitra leads the R&D functions of GC’s innovative Organic farming initiatives by providing proven scientific solutions to achieve nutritional balance in plant produce. Chitra holds a Master of Research in Soil Science, Master of Soil Science and Ag Chemistry, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Diploma in Spatial sciences and Diploma in Env Technology. She is also the recipient of the Australian Federal Govt Post graduate award, the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture Research scholarship and the Govt of India, Council of Science & Industrial Research scholarship.