Board Advisor Glasshouse Operations

A qualified Analytical Chemist, Godfrey started his career in Saudi Arabia as a grower manager setting up a soil, tissue and water testing lab for a large agricultural farm. He has worked as a chemist at a waste water company in Holland and at CSR sugar in Sydney. In 1988 Godfrey moved to Pennsylvania, USA to set up a 16 Hectare glasshouse project growing tomatoes. He was the first grower for Village Farms now the largest tomato growers in North America. In 1996 Godfrey moved to Bundaberg Australia to become a partner of a glasshouse operation where he was responsible for a profit turn around and rapid growth. In 2004 Godfrey set up a glasshouse for Australia’s largest fruit and vegetable producer, the Costa Group. The location of Guyra was carefully chosen by Godfrey resulting in record yields and profits. Within 4 years the business grew from 5 hectares to 20 Hectares employing 350 staff. The operation was designed to be highly efficient in water use leading the industry in waste management and sustainability. Godfrey was recognised for his efforts by becoming the joint winner of the NSW Farmer of the Year award in 2013. Godfrey worked at Green Camel between 2014 and 2018 where he helped develop key systems and processes to integrate the Green Camel technology into commercial glasshouses. As advisor to Green Camel he continues to assist the growing team and keep GC abreast of industry developments. He currently works for Baywa as head grower in the United Arab Emirates and is a key advisor to the ModulAir international growers group.